Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mandela Long Walk to Freedom 2013 [English]

Language: English
Runtime: 141 min
Audio: Dual Audio
Subtitles: Italian
Resolution: 640x480
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Mandela Long Walk to Freedom 2013 torrent

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Year: 2013
Genre: Biography, Drama, History
Starring: Idris Elba, Naomie Harris, Terry Pheto
Director: Justin Chadwick
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Review: In biopic Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom released a little less than a week before the anti-apartheid heros death on December 5, the time between the two events seem as nice as possible. However, any momentum generated by that time will be dissipated by the lack American film giving the audience a more detailed explanation of why Nelson Mandela life story was so very special and inspiring. To be sure, it is always a challenging task equally cinematic entertainment and education. But to tell the story of the civil rights leader held literally on the other side of the world can be a big task especially filmmaking. Because Nelson mandelas story takes place in South Africa, had a great need to fill the gap for many in the American public. In addition to the overall narrative of his crusade against apartheid - with his 27 years in prison and his subsequent increase in presidential power? details of his life story and personality are well known to many in the United States.This account of Nelson Mandela biopic? shown by Idris Elba competent? sheds some new light on his life journey beyond to afford what is already known by the casual American evening news observer.Especially disappointing is how the film delves deeply limited only love / complex political relationship between Nelson Mandela and the second his wife Winnie. As mentioned, the film behave somewhat wasted another solid performance by Naomie Harris.Perhaps cinematic because the resulting product is based on Nelson mandelas 1995 autobiography of the same title, director Justin Chadwick was appointed to former President historical aspects He felt he could share out of respect for Mr. Mandela and off fidelity for autobiography. For further consideration complexity wedding Nelson and Winnie Mandela, another of the film is the 2012 film Winnie Mandela starring Jennifer Hudson and Terence Howard as Mr. and mrs. Mandela. Although the film was subjected to scathing reviews, to check the details of Winnie mandelas deeper political activities and its related violent crime. More pertinently, the film explores the issues raised for his actions and his African National Congress's wife.

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