Sunday, January 19, 2014

Big 1988 English

Language: Eng
Runtime: 104 min
Audio: AC3
Subtitles: German
Resolution: 1280x720
Frame Rate: 25 fps
Video Bitrate: 5428 Kb/sec
Audio Bitrate: 384 kbps
Big 1988 torrent

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Year: 1988
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Starring: Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Perkins, Robert Loggia
Director: Penny Marshall
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Review: For some reason this movie makes me well with tears of joy Every second I saw it. I think the concept of adult children to discover themselves. just innocent and well-meaning intentions Josh Baskins in this film is like a magic elixir that will change everything and everyone he comes in contact with. This movie is amazing, because I saw when it came out when I was 13 years old, the same age as Josh Baskins in the movie, and I loved it then. He talks to you like a child because its quite true that everything is just so the child will see. Most of the time when adults try to emulate what its like to be a child, they fail miserably (see all 80s propaganda broadcasts against drugs, for example). It takes a great amount of creativity and sensitivity to be able to write something like this. But then when I see this movie as an adult, he spoke to me in a totally different level. This film is a lesson for adults as well as children. Dont miss out on the joy and spirit of life! Do not get wrapped up in their own little problems and the real situation, but you can still try to enjoy every moment because you never get a second chance to survive the conditions in which they live every moment of your life. Ani stupid who did not like this movie are just that, they are probably completely missed the message because they can not remember what it was like to be a child, to see the world as one big toy hope you are lucky enough to be able to play together. Think about how you see this movie again, if you do not remember what it's unbelievable ...>

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